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  • Post Date: June 3, 2026
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The following are some of the questions we’ll ask when considering your application for a bursary:

Are you a South African citizen?

Do you contribute to Nedbank’s transformation targets?

Have you achieved enough academically? Specifically, have you earned at least a 65% average pass mark, while also meeting all of the registration criteria of a South African public university or university of technology?

Where do you score on a financial means test?

Does the degree you are applying for meet a scarce skill that we’ve identified at Nedbank or for the greater good of South Africa?


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I wish to study at private institution, do I qualify for the Bursary? 

A: The bursary only funds undergraduate degrees or diploma at a South African public university or university of technology.

Q: I plan to study for two qualifications at two institutions at the same time, can I be funded for both?

A: Students can only be funded for one undergraduate degree or diploma.

Q: I already have already completed a university qualification but would like to enroll for a second one in a different field, would I qualify for the bursary? 

A: Students can only be funded for their first undergraduate degree or diploma.

Q: I already have a bursary from another organisation that covers part of my studies, can I apply for the Bursary to cover the rest and use the two bursaries concurrently? 

A: No, the Nedbank bursary is a comprehensive bursary, thus you may only be funded by the Nedbank bursary if chosen.

Q: If a student owes money to the university, will the Nedbank Bursary help at all with that debt? If so, how? 

A: The bursary will only pay outstanding fees to the university of students from the year they are admitted onto the bursary.

Q: Does the Bursary fund international/ foreign students? 

A: Applications are open to students who are South African Citizens.

Q: Who can apply for the Nedbank Bursary? 

Only applications from South African citizens will be considered.

  • Applicants must have a proven financial need.
  • Past academic results including future potential
  •  A minimum academic average of 65% in the year that you are applying, i.e. grade 12 or university level.
  • A minimum academic average of 65% for the subjects you plan to study at university.
  • Applicants studying Mathematics Literacy will not be considered. 

Successful admission approval to a South African public university or university of technology for an undergraduate qualification.

Q: Does the bursary fund postgraduate studies? 

A: No, the bursary only funds students to obtain their first undergraduate degree.

Q: What documentation do I need to apply for the bursary? 

A: Valid South African Identity Document & Most recent academic transcript.

 Documents required for shortlisted applicants: 

  • Proof of income of parents/guardians, i.e. payslips.
  • Social Grant advices.
  • Affidavit in the case of unemployment.
  • Income and expenditure statement of parents/guardians.
  • Death certificate of parent(s), if applicable.
  • Divorce certificate of parent(s), if applicable.

 What expenses does the Nedbank Bursary Cover? 

  • Full time tuition
  • Prescribed textbooks
  • Monthly Stipend
  • Accommodation (10 months of the academic year excluding the deposit) *
  • Meals *

Note: *Accommodation and meals – approval dependant on the Education Trust.

Q: Do I have to repay Nedbank for the bursary? 

A: No, the Bursary is a CSI initiative.

Q: Will I be required to work for Nedbank after I graduate? 

A: No, the Bursary is a CSI initiative, however you may apply for a Graduate Programme at Nedbank after you have graduated.

Q: What type of qualifications does the Nedbank Bursary sponsor?  

A: Bursaries are awarded to address future skill requirements in the financial sector as well as for South Africa. 

To find out more you can e-mail: [email protected]

Click here to download application form 

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  • Fields of Study:Commerce
  • ProvinceGauteng
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