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Student Village is the bridge between students and companies.
We understand that finding a bursary or job can be tough, and that's
why we're here to make it a whole lot easier.

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Student Village is jam-packed with opportunities whether you're looking for a bursary, about to graduate or could use a part-time job while you study.


We partner with the biggest companies offering bursaries to students and helping them fund their studies


Get valuable work experience by finding Internships that get your foot in the door to greater career opportunities.

Graduate Jobs

You’re at the right place when it comes to unlocking the many career opportunities that await you


Be part of the community of influencers and get paid for being social

Work @ SV

Join the Student Village campus crew and make some extra moola working with SA's biggest brands

Career Advice

Get the hottest how-to’s and tips for students wanting to land that dream job

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About Student Village

Since 2001 we have been connecting graduates with top companies in South Africa. 

Our team of Villagers work tirelessly, producing awesomeness for students and companies. We’re the plug to sourcing bursaries, finding students their next dream job and bringing brands to campus. There's no better place to kick-start your career

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Career Tips

The importance of being productive
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The importance of being productive

Welcome to 2021! Is it too late to say, Happy New Year?   We can not stress it enough, we know..

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A lockdown Summer
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A lockdown Summer

We are approaching the festive season and considering the fact that we are currently still in lockdown, most of us..

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Movember selfcare routine

Movember selfcare routine

Men’s grooming can now be considered an honorable art. The shame and non-masculine elements have left the room. Having a..

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