A lockdown Summer

A lockdown Summer


We are approaching the festive season and considering the fact that we are currently still in lockdown, most of us will be experiencing a different festive season, with a few limitations. We have gathered a few ideas on how you can still have a fun and responsible summer holiday.

The outdoors is always a great pass time for the festive season. Invite a friend or two, buy a few drinks and snacks for a sunny day picnic.  There is no better way to enjoy the summer sun than to actually go outside with a basket and blanket. 

If you live near the water, take your picnic and umbrella down to the beach and refresh your body with a dip  in the ocean. Not a beach person? Then go to a public pool and keep the same energy. 

If you are more or an indoor person, then there are many movies and books that you can catch up on this holiday and all of it can be done guilt free. 

Hiking has become a very exciting activity for everyone. Create a group with a few friends and wake up early to go on an adventure. Hiking is not only a great exercise, but also therapeutic and allows for one to bond with friends in nature. 

Host a dinner party with a few or your family and friends. Set a date, invite people beforehand and to save costs, ask everyone invited to bring something to contribute to the dinner. Pre-drinks are a great way to start the mood and get everyone comfortable with each other.

We are now allowed to travel nationally, so pack your bags and take a trip to a nice location in South Africa. This might require you to start saving now so prepare yourself and do not buy that unnecessary item you wanted. 

There are a lot more things you can do, but these should keep you going for a week or  so. Whatever you decide to do, do not forget to stay safe.

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