Movember selfcare routine

Movember selfcare routine


Men’s grooming can now be considered an honorable art. The shame and non-masculine elements have left the room. Having a good selfcare / grooming routine is the new wave. Developing a daily or weekly routine that is easy, not time consuming and that maintains you in the best possible way is something all men should strive towards, self care goes a very long way. 

This article will touch on the basics when looking to develop your own selfcare routine. Regular barber visits, finding a signature scent, and making sure your skin has a glow to it are the basic starting points to be detailed. 

As rapper G-Eazy mentions, “getting a halfway decent haircut can go a long way” , in both one’s physical appearance and confidence levels. Regular visits to your barber is key, the head being its own crown needs to be in good shape at all times, whether it be getting a haircut or getting your locks washed and styled, hair maintenance does a lot for gents. Figure out how frequently your hairstyle of choice needs to be maintained to look the way that makes you feel the best, weekly, monthly? And stick to that routine. 

Colognes, deodorants and aftershaves are meant to compliment you and your look. With scents, it is important to not overindulge, everything in moderation! You could find a single scent that works for you, or you could have seasonal scents. Winter scents include; woody, herby and spicy scents, where in summer more light, fresher or citrus-based scents work best. It’s advisable to invest in at least 2 options that align with your preferred scents.

Skin care, another important one, can be a challenging grooming element. Skin types are very different, some could be oily, others dry, or a combination of both on different areas of the face. So it would take a bit more trial and error before finding THE one. 

What can be done in the meantime, is a weekly facial scrub. Scrubbing allows for dead skin to be removed and keeps the skin healthy and looking good. 

Selfcare goes a very long way. It adds to our self perception and overall, how we feel daily. Experiment with products, do research and most importantly make it routine, everything becomes easier when it’s routine.


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