Learning how to reward yourself

Learning how to reward yourself


Everyday we wake up and are expected to do something proactive, whether it is work, school, chores etc. Some days it is easy to do all that we need to do and on other days it becomes an undesired mission that requires a lot of strength. As much as it is important to show appreciation and gratitude to those around us, it is also important that we do the same for ourselves.

It is important that we treat ourselves with care and reward ourselves for simply just trying, for achieving even the smallest milestone, for pulling through for ourselves on a daily basis. Rewarding yourself needs to become a daily routine and it does not have to be costly or time consuming. Here are a few ways in which you can reward yourself on a budget; 

  1. Indulge in your favourite meal/ dessert: Food is a great way to get into someone’s heart so why not try that for yourself? Cook your favourite meal or simply just order from your favourite restaurant and take your time to appreciate, indulge and devour your favourite meal
  2. Take a relaxing bath: To create a soothing bath, you can add powdered milk, Epsom salts, essential oils, flowers, or good old bubble bath. Play your favourite jams, maybe even grab a glass of something nice and light a few candles. Baths are a great way to relax your body, mind, and soul, so soak in there for as long as you want to.
  3. Take a nap: Your body deserves a break too so why not rest and take a well-deserved power nap after a long day.
  4. Movie marathon: Take a few hours off to enjoy your favourite movies, grab some snacks and relax.
  5. Spa date: Go ahead and take yourself out for a facial, or a massage or simply just do your nails at the spa. You deserve to get pampered. If this is not in your budget, then why not do it at home? Create your own DIY face mask and do your own nails in the comfort of your home.

You deserve it, self-care is important so do not take yourself for granted.

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