What Does Heritage Day Mean To You?

What Does Heritage Day Mean To You?

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The beauty of South Africa lies in the diversity of its people. The Rainbow Nation as we are so proudly adorned, boasts one of the most culturally diverse countries both in Africa and the world.  

With heritage month, we are reminded to celebrate our own cultures and those of others. Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu quoted that “He who knows others is wise, he who knows himself is enlightened”    

Discovering other cultures and being open to teach others about your own culture allows us to get to know the vastness South Africa holds. SA being the rainbow nation provides an almost endless opportunity to experience different cultural practices, foods and celebrations. 

Benefits of learning other cultures include; understanding the world better, learning new experiences, enhancing communication, minimizing stereotypes and overcoming ethnic division. 

Understanding the world better, can result from interacting with other cultures and valuing them more which leads to a new found respect. Learning new experiences from different cultures can help us have a broader perspective on life in general, hearing other’s stories, traditions and teachings can be of great value. 

The greatest benefit from learning and celebrating cultures is that it dispels racial and ethnic division. 

This Heritage Month, be proud of your culture, celebrate it, teach it and practice it. 

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