New Season New Me

New Season New Me


With every season we experience in life, everything on earth is forced to go through changes, whether it is letting go, growth, renewal, or loss. It is all part of the journey of life and the best way to go through it, is to simply just embrace everything that comes with it.

The season of rebirth, of growth, of new beginnings is now amongst us and some of us are extremely excited of what is to come while others are more worried about their sinuses and simply dealing with this forced change. No matter what the circumstances may be, I would like to challenge everyone of you to take this change as a time for a new beginning. – How are you using what you have learned this year so far, to enhance your chances in new opportunities? 

A time to start all over and simply allow yourself to create a new slate. Whether you are studying harder for your final exams or going into your graduate programme. 

As the flowers blossom and animals come out of hibernation, we are reminded on a daily of how beautiful change may be. We are reminded to embrace the change and simply allow ourselves to also bloom and remember that what we lost in the dry season was not the end but was simply preparing us to bloom. “If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant”, this quote serves as a reminder that the dark times we may have faced can be necessary for us to appreciate the greatness that is about to come to us. 

Seeing that Covid-19 has not allowed most of us to accomplish our new year’s resolutions, this new season is the perfect time for us to start all over, and create everything that we need to blossom. Grab every opportunity you have and make sure that this spring comes with happiness and new opportunities.

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