Top sites to find Opportunities

Top sites to find Opportunities


Success is connected to action. This statement should be a mantra graduates need to keep in mind especially at this time of the year. 

Final year graduates are about to embark on their journey into the post university world, whether that be a job, internship or graduate programme. As much as dreaming is encouraged, dreaming about success must be paired with hard work. 

The journey of opportunity seeking, post tertiary, begins with research and many hours spent online looking for the opportunity that you feel best suits you and your future ambitions. Today there are many sites available to assist in the task of finding jobs, graduate programmes and any other opportunities that would be of value both in growing your skill and knowledge set as well as bettering your financial standings. 

Some of the best and most used sites today include; LinkedIn, BizCommunity and Careers 24.

LinkedIn is one of the top sites used by job seekers. Some of the biggest benefits of using this site includes; recruiters and human resource professionals are on this site looking for potential talent to bring to their organisations. It’s a great platform to be scouted by the people responsible for hiring. Another awesome aspect about it is that users can get their networks and peers to give endorsements and testimonials on their skill sets and character. This can be viewed as the ‘word of mouth’ endorsement. Word of mouth is still viewed as the best-selling tools and lastly it also allows for valuable connections to be established with other like-minded people. The benefit of this is that it allows niche groups to network, share and gain knowledge. 

A second site that is filled with both opportunity as well as information on a variety of industries is BizCommunity. This platform is great as it offers insight into many industries from marketing, logistics and transport to the agriculture industry. 

The value in this site is that it advertises jobs but also provides information directly from respective industry leaders. It speaks to the ever changing trends within marketing to the factors that impact food pricing. This allows graduates and other job seekers to look for opportunities and also stay informed about various industries.  

Lastly, Careers24. This site is primarily for job seeking, however it also serves as an upskilling platform, as it allows users to sign up to various courses from finance to hospitality. It also provides career advice, so it assists job seekers in many crucial ways. 

Searching for the perfect job may take some time and a great deal of effort but with the assistance of online job sites the challenge is made slightly easier. To all graduates, keep searching, both your dream job and success awaits.

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