Allyship is in our threads

Allyship is in our threads


Merriam Webster defines ally as one that is associated with another as a helper. 

If a list existed with the most searched words in 2020, humanity would hope that “ ally ” would be right up there. 2020 thus far has come with multifarious challenges. Allyship should be the zeitgeist of this era. 

Many influential figures and organisations have taken it upon themselves to become patriots of change. 

Fashion as the incredibly influential industry that it is has too risen to the occasion and assisted and continues to assist humanity.  

Our brands from around the world are aware of the social and medical epidemics we as humanity find ourselves in and have committed to doing their part in the way they best know how. 

Many local and international brands have taken on the role of being human and socially focused brands. By this I allude to the fact that clothing brands are creating products that either serve or benefit issues we are faced with, namely racial injustices and the pandemic which is Covid-19. 

Locally, Cape Town based brands Sol Sol and Good Good Good have created tees that denounce the prevalence of racism within the fashion industry, SA and ultimately the world. The brands have committed to donating 100% of their proceeds to Food Flow which prioritises making sure the most vulnerable people are fed during the Covid period. 

Sol Sol has also teamed up with the small business Frankie Fenner Meat Merchants to assist the business stay afloat during this tough business period, in creating face masks to combat the spread of Covid- 19. 

Other brands who are making it fashionable to serve humanity include; Levis supporting the PRIDE movement, London based brand A Cold Wall, who has set up financial grants to support smaller impacted businesses as well as well as Nike along with the Jordan brand who have committed to donating $100 million dollars over the next 10 years to protecting and improving the lives of black people worldwide. 

No industry is without injustice, thus all industries, brands and organisations must play their part in supporting movements of positive change

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