What does going digital mean to you?

What does going digital mean to you?

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The entire globe has found itself in a situation which most of us would see as tragic. Covid-19 has not only affected our daily routine as a humanity but it has also affected the way in which most of us do business. This pandemic has not only resulted in many jobs being lost and some companies going bankrupt but it has also assisted some people and companies to come up with  innovative ways to do business within the current circumstances and find ways to sustain it for the future. Technology has played a huge role in making sure that people are able to make money while they stay at home. 

There is absolutely no better time to explore what the digital world has to offer to you as a brand than now and what better way to explore this concept than through the internet itself. 

Through our research we have discovered that during this pandemic, YouTube has become a very popular medium of entertainment. This has resulted in an increase in views, subscribers etc so if you have ever thought of starting your own YouTube video, go ahead and find your niche and making it happen. Not only does YouTube serve as an entertainment medium but influencers around the world have managed to make money through this platform.

Online stores have also become a very popular way of doing business and due to Covid-19, even stores which were not based online have found themselves adapting to “the new normal”. Whether it is through Instagram, websites, Facebook etc, opening a well-established and ethical store online is a great way to grow and sustain your brand right now.

We have found ourselves being “influenced” to purchase certain items, or simply to just take part in trends on social media, e.g dances, dress styles, challenges etc… and this simply just shows us how the influencer market is growing on a daily and brands have found themselves partnering with influencers to not only grow their brand but to also sustain relevance during this time.

The digital world proves to be growing on a daily basis and not only is it resulting in an interconnected world but it is providing space for brands to grow. If you were ever wondering whether you should incorporate your brand online then the answer to your question is yes, and this is the perfect time for that.

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