Looking After Yourself

Looking After Yourself

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During this time of great uncertainty we have been introduced to what has become our new normal, a new normal that no one could have predicted. The vast amount of changes we have been introduced to have for many been challenging and may have caused discomfort. These new circumstances have required many habit and perspective adjustments. It has become increasingly important that we prioritize looking after ourselves both from a physical as well as a mental perspective.

Self-care should be placed high on the list of things we owe to ourselves. Self care allows us to work on keeping ourselves full. When we are full, we experience gratitude, contentment and we have more to offer ourselves and others.

Looking after ourselves physically does not have to be the daunting and strenuous task we often make it out to be. 20 minutes of daily exercise helps get our heart rate up and also releases endorphins which are known to release a positive and happy sensation.
Mental wellness often requires consistent effort and practice. We experience so many challenges on the daily and can easily get caught up in the negative. A few exercises that could contribute to keeping us positive include; journaling, picking up a hobby or acting on a passion point and reaching out, talking to those closest to you.

Journaling helps with recording feelings we experience throughout the day, both negative and positive. Taking note of the negative allows you to acknowledge what impacted your feelings and this identification can direct you to working towards overcoming and dealing with what affects you, while noting positive happenings allows us to imprint them into our subconscious minds which ensures we hold that positive feeling for longer, it also allows us to record what we are grateful for.
Practicing a hobby helps us actively work on something, repetition of a task or activity often leads to us getting better at it, when we are good at something that also reinforces positivity and creates a sense of purpose.

Another key tool is reaching out to those we are both most comfortable with and close to. Having people we can freely express things to help us lighten our negative feelings which could weigh us down. Often just speaking about things that bother you create a feeling of relief as you are no longer holding onto something by yourself and as Jay Z says, you can’t heal what you don’t reveal.

During these trying times prioritise yourself, practice self-care and, be sure to work on keeping yourself full so that you have more to offer the world.

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