Staying Positive

Staying Positive


It is very difficult to stay positive when negativity seems to be clouding your vision. The constant conversations of hope start passing through you like the wind. “I am nervous, I cannot do this, will things ever get better,” are some of the thoughts that run our minds during a time of distress. The first thing one needs to know is that it is normal to feel like this at times but once the negativity takes over a huge part of your life then things start being “abnormal’.

This article aims to help you make sure that negative thoughts and feelings do not consume your everyday life. By following one easy step, you will be able to fight through the constant anxiety and stress caused by any negative situation you are in.

A journal
Keeping a journal is a great way to keep track of how you are feeling and what you will need to do to get rid of those feelings. Write down exactly what you are feeling and what is causing it, e.g. “Feelings: Anxious and stressed. Cause: I feel like this because I have a lot to do and I am not sure if I will be able to complete everything in due time.”

Once you are aware of your emotions and what causes them, create a to-do list on how you will solve the problems e.g. “To do: I will create a schedule for the day and whatever I feel incapable of doing, I will ask my colleagues for help.”

By doing this you allow yourself to be aware of how you are feeling and finding solutions to the feelings allows you to “solve the problem” unless there is no solution to your problem which is rare.

The last thing you should do daily in your journal is to write at least 3 things you are grateful for on a daily basis. By doing this on a daily basis you allow yourself to be distracted away from the negativity for a few minutes and simply focus on what is good in your life.
This technique is simple but very effective and as stated above, being positive is not always easy but one pinch of salt can make a huge difference in your meal.

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