How to Study Virtually From Home.

How to Study Virtually From Home.

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Are you feeling stressed and overwhelmed with how to maintain your study plan from home?

We have a few things to help you;

Routine is the most important thing. Wake up early, have a shower, put on comfy work- at- home clothes. Make sure to not wear PJ’s all day, make a clear distinction between working and sleeping clothes. Just because you are stuck at home, doesn’t mean that you can’t still keep a structure.

Find a comfortable spot at home, that you can be productive at. Try not to use your bed. This is so that your brain can distinguish the difference between chill and work mode. If you have a table that you can work at definitely take advantage and use it, in order to encourage more productivity. Make sure the area is nice and clean, as uncluttered as possible.

Take regular breaks in between studies. Creating a to- do -list helps to keep you on track and to do all the things that you feel need to be done each day. So if you feel that you need to do 3 specific chapters, write that and how long you think it will take you in order to finish, add breaks in between to give yourself a chance to breathe a little.

Go digital. Video call friends if you are struggling for help. This is currently your only way of reaching out for help. This is also a great way to set up a study group. You can use any of these free apps. Whatsapp video call, Zoom, and skype for this. Nobody wants to feel alone especially in times like these. Choose a time that works for everyone and you can all video chat and help each other with studies or personal problems.

See what works best for you, create a routine and stick to it, in order to build a positive habit.


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