Shine like a Star

Shine like a Star


We all know that University can bring its own unique pressures. We also know that students can be very hard on themselves (yes we see you). Students can put a great deal of pressure on themselves before the day even begins, but show you also manage resilience and determination by gritting your teeth and making things happen.

Check this out;

417 000 students applied for NSFAS in 2019
1 in 3 do not know anyone when they come to university

You are probably wondering do these facts have to do with you. But let us remind you that this is your reality. There is tough competition when applying for NSFAS aide, and life on campus can start off a little scary & lonely.

Let’s look at ways that you can stand out in order to be chosen as one of the 417 000 to receive financial aid. The fact is, 417 000 of your “peers” applied for the exact same bursary as you did, so what makes you stand out? Besides financial struggles, why else should you be considered for a NSFAS bursary? We want you to know that it’s also really important to apply for as many bursary funds as you can… Don’t fall into the trap of applying for one.

The reality in South Africa is that a lot of people are not able to pay for their tertiary education without assistance. What does that mean for you;
How can you stand out?
Make sure to apply to multiple programmes.
Explore other options;
Find a company that you want to work for. Prove yourself to them and ask if they would sponsor your education. You can then work for them during your studies, and once you’ve graduated.
Stay on top of your academic game – not just the subjects you enjoy. You never know which subjects you’ll need when applying for varsity or a bursary.
You need to provide more than just your academic marks when applying for a bursary.
You need to show interests outside of academics; motivate why you should receive the bursary because you have a cultural hobbie, play sport, do community service, serve as a church leader etc.

Go out there and dazzle everyone you come into contact with. You never know who may bump into and how they can affect your life.

For any guidance questions, please leave them in the comment section below and we will make sure to get back to you in due time.

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