How To Stay On Top Of Your Game in 2020

How To Stay On Top Of Your Game in 2020

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Most of the time we don’t even realise that it’s the small things we do everyday that determine how our
days or weeks are going to go (emotionally, mentally and even physically). Not really sure what ‘m on
about? Keep reading to help clear things up.
It starts off with little actions at the beginning of your day that we wouldn’t even consider; waking up
early and making your bed, jumping into the shower/bath or saying affirmations. These small acts create
a sense of accomplishment which is vital for feeling good about yourself. It’s about focusing on one
keystone habit – a positive habit that whose results will filter positively into more aspects of your day
and life. For example, if you start exercising, you will feel stronger and happier. You may then be kinder
to the people around you, you may then realise that you want to stop smoking and eating more
healthily… A domino effect of positive change.
Other great ways to change behaviour for the better could be;
Doing things with confidence makes others believe in you and your ability. This leads onto you believing
in yourself more and being able to do great things.
Communication is so important, especially in this day and age. The youth have made it a habit to bottle
their issues inside and seek help when it’s too late. The result? You explode with frustration or implode
with despair. So before anything like that happens, do your very best to communicate with those that
you feel safe around and that you trust, let them help you, so that you can be reminded that you are not
Time for yourself is just as important as spending it with your loved ones, so make it count. Do not
waste it on people that do not add value to your life.
Look good, Feel good. Getting dressed and putting in an effort with your outfit, will help you to feel
amazing and confident in your clothes. This is just as important as waking up and making your bed in the
morning. You get to feel good and walk out the house fresh.
Hope that cleared things up for you a little? Now go! It’s never too late OR too early to start.
If you have more “How to stay on top of your game” tips, feel free to leave them in the comment block

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