Top 7 things Recruiters look for in graduates

Top 7 things Recruiters look for in graduates


You’ve graduated; another milestone reached, congratulations. Welcome to the real world! We know it can be quite stressful having to get a job now that your studies are finished. Have you ever thought about what your future employer is looking for? Well here are some of the top things to keep in mind;

  • Strategic thinking
    Trying to think further than you usually do, to achieve a set of goals – Coming up with different ways to overcome your problems.
  • Creative Problem solving abilities
    Imagine not being able to be in a meeting because of a personal issue, but then you suggest to be skyped in the meeting so you don’t miss out on what was being said or planned. Now that’s creative!
  • Soft skills such as teamwork and adaptability is also important
    Being able to work well in a team, is very beneficial to you. Your communication also needs to be on top form as well as being able to control your emotions.
  • Commercial awareness
    Are you up to date with the happenings in the world around you?
  • Time management and confidence
    Are you always on time, do you make sure to prepare well in advance to ensure confidence when having to present? Then this term fits you.
  • Show initiative
    Don’t wait to be asked to do something. Show that you are really interested and take action.
  • Critical thinking
    No matter what the situation is, you still aim to be objective and deal with the matter on hand.

If you have been in the job application position, what advice would you give to someone? Leave your advice in our comments section.

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