Why You Need Infographics – Part 2

Why You Need Infographics – Part 2


Three advantages of having an infographic.

  • They are more eye capturing, people don’t really like to read long things. (get straight to the point)
  • Infographics are easy to share
  • Infographics help establish you as an expert

Along with your visual CV, introduce yourself, tell your story and the job role you are looking for. Make sure the links you have decided to add are up to date, no one wants to know about your portfolios or websites etc if they are half finished or not done at all.

Create a contacts list of the people you have reached out to and that have reached back to you, keep updating your list with notes. This is so that you can avoid sending out duplicate emails.

Don’t be shy to follow up with people, it shows that you are serious and that you really want this position. When they want things from you, they can easily do the same.

Lastly, use colours that make you stand out, but also that compliment your field of expertise. We all know the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” this represents the best of both worlds. Being able to dissect a complex subject, and the ability to sustain the attention of the reader while doing so. To present in a meaningful and enticing way.

It’s a better way to reach maximum coverage and attract traffic.
It’s a better way to stay visible for a longer time.

Remember facts & figures lend authority and give readers a tangible point of reference.

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