How To Curate A Proper Cover Letter

How To Curate A Proper Cover Letter


When in the process of job hunting, sometimes we can get or feel stuck when seeing that we have to include a cover letter. Not knowing how to start it or what to add in it can sometimes be stressful and delay your application process.

Here is an example of how to write one and what you should add to it.
Break your letter into three, the first section introduce yourself, tell them who you are, and how you came across their company as your choice of application. Whether it was a suggestion, or you found them whilst researching online.

Greet the person you are directing the mail to then introduce your Name and Surname, how you came across the company.

What you like about the company, your experiences and interests

Talk about your experience in the working industry whether it’s from internships or holiday jobs. Only mention the ones that are most relevant to the job role you are applying to. Let them know what you know about the company and what you like about it and how you feel you are able to contribute to the team. How you can help them and mostly, how they can help you.

Why you are suitable for them, and looking forward to their response.

Here slightly remind them again, why you want this position. Find a polite ending like; thank you for taking the time to read my letter and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

These are just the basic importance of your cover letter. Remember to not sound like you are begging for the position.

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