Three Most Common Mistakes Grads Make In Their Cover Letter

Three Most Common Mistakes Grads Make In Their Cover Letter


When writing letters to your potential employers you always want to try to impress them in the best possible way. But most times whilst doing this, one can sound very needy in their cover letter without even noticing.

Here are the THREE most common mistakes:

  • Sounding too familiar, this is often done without notice. When you mention that you know someone within the company in order to try to get to the top of the list. This can be seen in a negative way. This can always be mentioned in the face to face interview and can be casually be brought up in conversation if there is space for it. Otherwise there is no need to do it as it’s unprofessional.
  • Over begging, it is important to show your excitement towards wanting to work with the company, or business. But don’t ever sound like you are begging for the job, remember as much as you feel you want or need the job, they need you too or someone in that position for all that matters. Your skills and experiences should speak for you, more than anything.
  • Writing too much. So as much as you feel you need to get all the information there, only add the most valuable information, that you would only want to read from someone else or yourself. This is also because not everyone has the time to sit and read super long letters, especially if they have a lot to get through.

These are just the three main common mistakes, of course there are more. For a more detailed blog about this topic, look out for part 2, coming soon.

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