Choosing a career in teaching

Choosing a career in teaching

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Become a teacher, become the foundation of the nation

South Africa is currently undergoing a shortage of teachers. The teaching profession is said to be going through a recruitment crisis. This means there just aren’t enough graduates for the teaching profession. Future Nation Schools strive to spearhead the African education revolution through identifying and utilizing children’s unique needs and talents and approaching teaching through Project Based Learning.

Teachers engineer the future and teaching is the basis of all other careers. Without teachers there would not be any doctors, lawyers, accountants or any other professionals. Teachers are nurturers that raise children through learning and building them up socially. Every child’s development is drastically influenced by their teacher.

The most interesting thing to note about entering the teaching felid is the growth. Like any other career it can be very progressive you can go from being a foundation phase teacher to becoming a lecturer all the while improving yourself through further education. It is indeed true that you never stop learning and this also means teachers consistently improve the lives of people throughout their lives.

Why choose teaching?

Head of Future Nation School, at the Fleurhof campus, Xolisa Luthi explains how his passion for teaching fuelled him, “In my first six months of my BA honours in geography, we were all expected to choose a job to assist in the department. I chose tutoring, where I tutored the first-year students.

This is the time my teaching passion was unleashed. We make a difference in someone’s life every single day, which goes far beyond the imparting of knowledge. We inspire, support, mentor and get the chance to cultivate young minds.” Xolisa Luthi’s career has been an inspiration to many. He started his career as a teacher at Victory House and he later went on to become the Senior Education Specialist at the Gauteng Department of Education.Before you apply to be a teacher, make sure teaching is right for you! Future Nation Schools has put together some tips of things you should consider before choosing a career in teaching

Teaching provides great job satisfaction, it’s very rewarding knowing your job and efforts contribute positively in the world. No two days are the same every day brings new insight. Teaching is not a repetitive task. But before you enter into the industry consider do your research on the salary, career progression, and other benefits you can expect to make sure teaching is right for you.

A great way to find out if you will like teaching is to arrange some classroom experience at a local school or college. If you can spend time observing lessons, it will give you a valuable insight into what teaching is really like.

Some questions to ask yourself:

  • Are you passionate about the profession and making a difference in the world?
  • Do you have a love for children of all ages?
  • How dependable are you?
  • How effective are your communication skills?

The beauty of it all is that you will use everything you learned in your degree and you get to pass it down. If you are passionate about a particular topic, what better career than one that allows you to explore that subject day in and day out, and pass on your knowledge and enthusiasm to the next generation.  As a teacher you will benefit from excellent job security.

Teaching is always going to be hard work and those that become teachers are always going to need to be committed to the profession. What makes it easy is passion – if you have the drive to make a real difference and help others, teaching will give you the perfect opportunity to do so.

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