Using LinkedIn to shape your career

Using LinkedIn to shape your career

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Having an online presence is not only helpful for potential recruiters, but may aid them in narrowing down their short list, by matching resumes to personalities. With over 6.7 million active users on LinkedIn; over 75 000 recruiters, this article covers how you can use Linkedin to take your career to new heights!

Showcase your work

If you’re looking to make your profile more appealing to recruiters, you might want to showcase your work in it- much like a portfolio. What work, you ask? Throughout your studies you may have partaken in projects that you excelled in or any jobs you might have done that could be a great addition to showcase on your LinkedIn profile. This will play as a visual portfolio that helps peers and recruiters get a sense of who you are, what you stand for and your professional capabilities.

Join LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn forums are discussion groups where members can communicate amongst each other to find solutions for their professional issues. It also allows for the distribution of  relevant information, opportunities and tips to help you navigate the working world.

According to the Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn for Business, by Ted Prodromou’s; when used properly, Groups can be a powerful tool for members as it can aid in growing your business or professional network. Groups can give you the connections you need to reach new industries and markets you may want to penetrate or showcase your skills to.

Stay current

In order to maximise your LinkedIn experience, you may want to remain current, share relevant posts, keep up with the trends and everything happening around you. This shows recruiters and potential employers that you are a well rounded individual your with a keen interest in learning about the industry you want to get into.

Add your blogs/videos

Having a blog or vlog about the work you do can potentially set you apart from your counterparts. Keep these as professional and as industry related as possible. This is an amazing opportunity to showcase how multifaceted you are and really sell your personality to recruiters and potential employers alike.

The utilization of LinkedIn correctly can do a lot for your personal brand. With recruiters actively looking for employees, positioning yourself as an expert or game-changer in your industry is a step in the right direction to helping mold your career.

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