Sending Unsolicited Job Applications? Here’s What To Remember!

Sending Unsolicited Job Applications? Here’s What To Remember!

Don’t look back

It’s not often that your dream job is waiting for you straight after you graduate, but should that stop you from applying to that company you’ve always seen yourself working for? Absolutely not- in fact we encourage it, as long as you remember the following:

The ‘What’s In It For Me’ Principle:

Not you! The company- that’s the first question you ask yourself, how am I going to add value to the company in question?

This requires a lot of research into the company and possibly some serious online stalking to really get to the root of how your skills and expertise will match what the company needs:

1.Why are you writing?

“I’ve been following Student Village’s campus activations for years now and really interested to learn more about the company beyond my current role as a promoter.”

2.What you bringing to the table?

“Having worked on some of your activations as a promoter, I’ve gained a lot of insight into the 18-24 market and feel I could make some solid contributions to take the activations team to even greater heights…”

3.Call to action: “I would be interested to discuss ways in which my skills could help drive your expansion into the India Market, and I look forward to hearing from you.”

Unsolicited job applications are arguably a way for applicants to prove how “proactive” they are before they are even interviewed. They may seem tiresome but may be the right first step to getting you that dream job because initiative will take you far- even though it may take time.

Remember to also check out for the latest available jobs in your industry. Good Luck!

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