2 Skills That Will Set You Apart From Other Graduates

2 Skills That Will Set You Apart From Other Graduates


Graduates enter the workforce thinking a qualifications is enough to secure not just your dream job, but the best position from the onset. This week we’re setting the record straight: Here are three skills that will set you apart from other graduate and give you the competitive edge in your industry!




Many institutions in South Africa stress the importance of learning how to do comprehensive qualitative and qualitative research but graduates tend to think this skill is only imperative if you decide to do your postgraduate studies or follow a career as a researcher. This is wrong as research is the one skill that is useful throughout your career, no matter how senour you become.


Grad Tip: Apart from keeping in tune with your industry, it’s important to further develop these skills as a good research mind will always have a plan B and have an idea of which tools to use to source the best information for any given topic!

2.Public Speaking

“Why should I even bother, I’m an engineer and my job is technical” was a response provide by a graduate at a recent interview. Needless to say, the graduate in question didn’t get the gig. Why?

Public speaking goes a long way in establishing you as a leader in your industry and apart from being brilliant at your job, being able to confidently speak about it puts you light years ahead of any graduate in the job market.

Grad Tip: Start with doing research on topical issues within your industry (trends, emerging markets, etc) and putting your hand up whenever an opportunity to present your ideas comes. Mastering this skill could easily put you ahead of people who have been in the industry while giving you heaps of confidence to tackle any topic within your industry!

The Extra Mile

Going the extra mile may seem unnecessary until you have to hit the ground running with very little direction at your dream job. Working on your research and public speaking skills will prepare you for those moments we’ve all experienced, when you are thrown in the  deep end and you have to find your way to shore. Good Luck!


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