2 Interview Tips Often Overlooked By Bursars & Grads

2 Interview Tips Often Overlooked By Bursars & Grads

Getting ready for an interview

Recruiters and Hiring managers are inundated with applications from many graduates hoping to bag their first gig after working hard at varsity. This means it really takes one strike to potentially ruin your chances of saying “I Got The Job!”.

Here are two tips to keep in mind as you prepare for your next interview:

When Answering Questions:

Graduates & bursars should always expect two sets of questions during interview- questions that test your technical skills (based on your qualification, achievements) and those that showcase your more competency skills (your strengths, culture fit to business, etc).

Grad Tip: “Use the Star Methodology (SITUATIONS, TASK, ACTON, RESULT) to answer your questions. In simple terms your answers should reflect:

  • Situation- Paint a clear picture of a moment where there was a task to be done- was it a varsity project- how many people were in your team, etc?
  • Task-What was the given task? Explain what was expected of you and your team-mates.
  • Action-What action did you take to tackle the given task, how did you overcome the challenges, if any?
  • Result-What was the outcome? Did you meet all objectives? Why/Why not and what would you do better given the chance again.

In layman’s terms: Don’t give one worded responses.  Opt for scenario-based answers as this helps bring out your personality while highlighting both your competency and technical skills!

When Asking Questions:

Shocking! After 12 years of formal schooling and an additional 3 to 4 years spent obtaining that degree, graduates still struggle to ask the interviewer to repeat questions when they are not sure.

Grad Tip:  “If there’s a word, sentence or question you don’t understand simply speak up and the interviewer will substantiate. It’s your interview.”

This works to you advantage because it shows that:

  • You are open to learning
  • You pay attention to detail!
  • You can be trusted with actual tasks because when you don’t understand, you ask questions.

Additionally, every interviewer will ask if you have any questions at the end of the interview- so avoid asking questions while you are being interviewed, unless it’s for clarity.

When the chance presents itself at the end of the interview, ask questions specific to the department/job you will be in.

Questions about the company should be kept to things that you couldn’t find online or anywhere else- don’t ask questions for the sake of asking questions- recruiters see right through that!

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