Recently Graduated- now what?

Recently Graduated- now what?

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2019 is upon us and if our December social media feed is anything to go by, many graduates are in good spirits about their academic achievements from last year- but what’s next?

It’s tough economic times and with South Africa’s unemployment rate sitting at 27.5% in third quarter of last year alone, you’re probably plotting your next move as a graduate and we want to help:

Doing your postgrad?

It’s argued that doing your postgraduate degree puts you at an advantage when searching for your dream job.Gibs’ has got the answer you are looking for in this regard and as luck would have it, they have an open evening on the 21st January for students who want to take their business career further. Pay them a visit to get more information.

Grind o’clock?

Many graduates unfortunately don’t have the luxury of pursuing their post grad after graduating and need to start looking for opportunities right away. The good news is that our website is jam packed with some fantastic opportunities and right now, newly established mining company, ‘Seriti’ is looking for graduates in Survey, Safety, Rock Engineering, Mining, HR and Geology.

For students looking at possibly hitting the ground running with the leading branded foods and beverages group in South Africa, Clover S.A. The company is currently recruiting for their incredible Pro Star Young Professionals Development Programme across 9 fields, including marketing, sales and quality.

Check out for more incredible opportunities that will help you make 2019 yours.

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