How Being A Team Player Can Accelerate Your Career

How Being A Team Player Can Accelerate Your Career

A great work team

Until this point in your life, much of the work you’ve had to do has been a solo project and although your role is specified in your contract, there’s a lot more to consider as you create your path into becoming invaluable to your employers.
This week we’re looking at how teamwork can take your career to the top:

Asking for help could save you time:
Your job is your responsibility and you are hired because of certain skills you possess, so when you are given a task that you struggle with, the instinct Is to spend hours on the task trying to prove that you can do it alone.
Although this is admirable as it shows your commitment but asking a colleague for assistance can save you a lot of time as you may realize that people in your organization have developed easier ways of doing the task in question. Additionally, by isolating yourself and not asking for help, you could miss an opportunity to learn new skills from those around you that could make life a lot easier for you in the future.

Team Work Makes The Dream Work
Whenever you are given a task that needs multiple people in the organization to be a success, make sure that you are clear of your role and how it fits into the bigger project. This could help you avoid repeating sections your colleagues have already completed.

If you happen to complete your section first, it’s wise to ask your colleagues how you can assist them because this doesn’t only make the team look good- it allows you to get into other people’s world to learn new ways of doing things and understand the task in its entirety.
This will increase your chances of being involved in more important projects because you employers and colleagues start to see you as a team player and a real asset to the team.

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