Applying for our grad programmes? Here are two things to remember!

Applying for our grad programmes? Here are two things to remember!

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It’s graduate season and top employers are pulling out all the stops to ensure that they get the cream of the crop when it comes to new graduate.

Want to be ahead of the rest? Here are two tips that will help you skip to the front of the queue.

1. Complete Your Profile

This year alone, a large number of the applications we have received on our website have had certain key information (Race, residential area, educational qualifications, CV, etc).

This could mean the difference between getting hired and your application not even being looked because recruiters are able to filter candidates according to certain information to get through the process faster. Leaving out information, even if it can be filled at later stage could severely limit your chances of bagging the opportunity.

Ensure that all fields are covered and enquire from the hiring manager or contact if there’s anything you don’t understand. A complete profile increases your chances up to 18 times.

2. Every Opportunity Matters:

For new graduates, one of the hardest sections of the application is demonstrating their achievements beyond academics, out of fear that their previous accolades are not impressive enough. This sees a lot of potential applicants either exaggerate in this section or leave it out completely. Don’t!

Here’s a fun fact: EVERYTHING that you’ve done up to this point matters- whether it’s volunteering at the library or joining the soup kitchen for needy students in winter because it shows recruiters that you are not just but you go the extra mile without having to be asked.

Graduate Programmes are the best way ton get a head star to your career and we have plenty of Hot Opportunities with top employers in the country waiting for you. What are you waiting for? Get applying!

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