Making A Lasting Impression

Making A Lasting Impression

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Your CV has made the final cut and you are an interview away from your dream job, right? This is a very important part of the job-hunting process because as the popular saying goes, “First impressions last.”

Here are two tips from recruiters on how you can make a lasting impression after receiving your interview request for that dream job

Beat the traffic!

Don’t just arrive on time, arrive at least 30 minutes early. This gives you an upper hand as you get an opportunity to chat with employees of the company before your interviewer/s arrive.

Ask them questions about their roles in the company and validate information you have learnt about the company or organization. This also relaxes you and the environment becomes less intimidating ahead of your interview.

Post interview final touches!

Most graduates can almost not wait to leave the premises of the company when they have just finished interviewing. This is normal considering that interviews are generally stressful.

One of the best experiences we’ve had dealing with graduates is when they ask if they can be taken on a tour around the premises post interview.

This is an especially good idea if you want to make up for certain moments of your interview that did not go accordingly, furthermore it shows your interviewer that you are interested in their organization while scoring you some serious brownie point with all the decision makers.

Looking for specific tips around nailing your next interview? Leave us a comment below and we will ensure that you get all the information you need to bag your big break

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