Preparing For You Best Interview Yet- Part 1

Preparing For You Best Interview Yet- Part 1

Preparing for your best interview yet

After graduating you may have to apply for many opportunities before being even shortlisted for your first interview. it’s therefore important to ensure that you are a 100% prepared for it. Check out these out of the box interview tips you never knew you needed:

  1. Company versus Industry

Most graduates when preparing for an interview focus too much attention on just the company, forgetting to do their research about the industry as well.

Find out which sector the organization you are applying for is in, what’s making news headlines in that sector and who are the big players. Those are general knowledge questions you may get which may make a real impression to your interviewer.

  1. Job Title versus Job Spec

Graduates get overly excited about a job title that they almost never bother to real and understand the full job spec ahead of the interview.

This could pose a huge problem during the interview as you may have not prepared yourself for certain aspects of what’s expected of the job you are applying for.

Ensure that you thoroughly read through the job spec so that you are not caught off guard during your big moment.

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