How To Spot Bogus Job Posts, Part 1

How To Spot Bogus Job Posts, Part 1

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There has been an alarming number of graduates who have been ripped off by employment scams which leave them in sometimes dangerous situations. We don’t want you to fall victim of this. Here are 3 tips on how to spot bogus jobs.

  1. When Payment Is Requested

This is the most common scam and graduates should watch out. Potential employers should never ask you for money ahead of the interview or at any point during your interaction.

Granted, securing employment is hard and some opportunities may seem really tempting but don’t ever pay money to get a job.

Remember to report any potential employer who requests for any sort of payment (monetary or non-monetary).

  1. When Original Documents Are Requested

Grads seeking employment have reported cases where the potential employer insists that original documents such as ID’s, Degrees, Banking Information should be sent via post before any interviews are done.

Do not ever supply your original documents unless you can present them in person, even after you have been interviewed. Apart from the risk of them getting lost at the post office, you may fall victim to fraud.

Always make sure that you have certified copies of all original documents that you can send instead after doing your research on any company you find suspicious.

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