Enter the 10th annual SAICA Student Leadership Summit now

Enter the 10th annual SAICA Student Leadership Summit now


As the custodian of the chartered accountancy profession, the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA), believes that it is the duty of all its CAs(SA) to act in the best interest of the public and the country. One of the ways this is done at a university level is through. Entries for the 2018 SLS – now in its tenth year – have just opened.

Responsible leadership is the cornerstone of the chartered accountancy profession. It is a distinguishing characteristic that sets chartered accountants apart and holds them accountable for their actions and behaviour. The SLS competition, which encourages the development of responsible leadership abilities, is open only to students who are studying towards a BCom CA(SA) qualification at a SAICA-accredited institution.

This year’s topics:

CA-stream BCom students wishing to enter this year’s SLS competition must submit a 1 000-word thought leadership essay on one of the following topics:

  1. Most leaders claim that they want the utmost ethical standards upheld by those they lead, but many are shocked to discover that even with the best intentions, their leadership style is corrupting those in their organisation. As a future business leader, how would you ensure that your leadership choices do not inadvertently encourage misconduct and bureaucracy?
  2. The leadership of SAICA said in Parliament that Mandatory Audit Firm Rotation will not address the problems of transformation, market concentration and the independence of the profession. In your opinion, what are more effective steps the profession could take to address these problems?
  3. SAICA believes it is important for CAs to grow not just the South African economy, but also the economy of the city/town from where they come. In your opinion, what contributions do you believe a CA(SA) could make to better the community from where he/she comes from, and how would you go about doing this?

How to enter?

To enter, simply email your 1 000-word essay to [email protected] by no later than 24 August 2018.

Include the following information with your entry: full name, contact number, name of university and degree you are studying, student number, e-mail address and word count for your essay.

For any queries regarding entries, please contact SAICA Project Director, Teboho Moephudi at [email protected].

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