Let Your CV Speak For You

Let Your CV Speak For You

Never settle
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Never, ever underestimate the importance of your CV. In a crowded job market where employers may have hundreds of candidates to choose between for every position, your CV is the first introduction to a potential employer.

Your CV is the deciding factor between getting an interview or being put aside with the rest of the unsuccessful applicants.
You don’t need to be told, then, how important it is then to make sure your CV will get you to the top of the pile. Fortunately, it’s relatively easy to find guidelines and advice on how to put together a CV that will land you an interview every time – and get you one step closer to finding your dream job.

Get onto Google
Doing a search on how to write a good CV will expose you to loads of information and templates that will guide you in the right direction. Find a template that you like and use this to create a solid structure. Remember, however, that sending out a generic CV is not going to impress anyone. Each time you respond to a vacancy, you must tailor your CV to that position. With that in mind, there is certain basic information that you should always include:

• Name
• Contact details
• Education – start with the most recent (your tertiary education) and work backwards
• Work experience – start with where you are working now and work backwards
• Skills – list any languages you speak and what computer skills you have
• Other achievements
• Hobbies, including community work you may have done
• Referees
• Your CV speaks for you when you’re not there in person; it’s the first chance you have to make
a good impression
• Keep it short, clean and professional
• Presentation counts
• Tailor your CV to the job application
• Don’t leave gaps in time
• Always be honest
• Get someone to check your CV for spelling and grammar mistakes

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