How to avoid sickness during exams

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It’s that time of the year again; I’m talking about final tests, assignments, exams. This time of the year there is bound to be stress and when there is stress are immune systems get weak and we get sick. Check out some tips to keeping your immune system strong and avoiding the sickness.

You can give your nostrils a little help by administering garlic nose drops. In his book The Healing Power of Garlic Paul Bergner writes: "Garlic nose drops directly kill the viruses that cause cold or flu." He also writes about a study with mice where some were inoculated with garlic, and some were not. The flu virus was introduced to the nasal passages of each mouse. Those mice that received the garlic remained healthy, where all the others got sick. To make nose drops, Bergner instructs us to crush some garlic to obtain juice, and add ten parts water and mix well. In addition to the nose drops, eating raw garlic is also helpful. Note: deodorized garlic tablets are not useful in fighting viral or bacterial infections.

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