Drinking Etiquette 101

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Ever been standing at the pub soaked in your own beer looking at the retreating back of the idiot that just knocked it out of your hand? Perhaps you know the feeling of standing at the bar for what seems like hours, waiting to be served only to have bartender serve the pretty girl next to you, who just happened to push her way through to the front?

I think that we all have, at some stage of our drinking careers had this.

So here is a list of tips provided by our in house Bar Lady, aimed to make your pub experiences problem free. Drinking Etiquette, to make the Queen of England proud.

Drinking Etiquette 101:


1. Always drink when someone makes a toast or says cheers to you. And look them in the eye, it’s polite.

2. When you knock someone’s drink over, firstly APOLOGISE and then offer to replace it, or even by them a shot. You never know, they could land up being your best friend/ husband or wife one day.

3. Service should always be giving to the first person at the bar. This means that when you find someone waiting at the bar and the bartender wants to serve you, kindly say “Sorry but they were waiting before me”.

4. Always tip your bartender/waitress. It’s good to get on their good side. You never know when a free drink is coming your way.

5. Double tap when downing shots… It means thank you.

6. Don’t disrupt other people with your petty arguments or fights, take them outside. We don’t want to know who cheated on whom or whose muscles are bigger. We just want to drink.

7. Please don’t crowd the bar if you not going to buy a drink. Especially on a busy night, it makes everyone’s lives more difficult!

8. Know your order when you get to the counter. It makes the process quicker and helps the bartender out (remember those free drinks). Also swiping your card for a R20 drink is just rude and time consuming.

9. Patiently wait for the bartender. Don’t flap your cash in the air, tap on the bar or snap your fingers in the air trying to get their attention. It’s rude! Plus they know you are there. So are a hundred other people.

10. When you leave the table to get yourself a drink, ask if you could get anything for anyone else. It works in everyone’s favour, especially if you drinking in rounds.

11. Don’t send the same person to the bar all the time. They don’t want to spend the whole evening standing in a queue.

12. Don’t disrespect anyone who is passed out, by; tea bagging or drawing offensive things on their faces. The only person who looks like a tool is you, cause everyone else passed ninth grade a long time ago.

13. Don’t talk politics, religion, war or philosophy… Nuff said!

14. Never drink alone. Even with the weight of the world on your shoulder, find a friend. Also watch out for your drinks and the drinks of your friends.

15. When you felt you have had enough, stop drinking! To continue would make it worse. Drink water, eat food and practice responsible drinking.

Always remember that everyone is there for the same purpose. To drink, have fun and be merry! So in preparation for St Paddy’s Day, let’s all work together to make it one hell of a Party.



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