Chris Brown "i Phone Snatcher"

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A 24 year old Florida lady (Shanae Spann) has filed a police report that accused the Dueces RnB singer Chris Brown of "snatching" her iPhone from her outside of Cameo nightclub in Miami.

Spann says she was trying to take a photo of Brown as he left the club when suddenly he grabbed it through his car window, and said to her "Bitch, you ain't going to put that on no website," as he was driving away.

According to a Gossip Extra report, Tyga who was with Brown at the time of the incident, informed the police that Brown got angry when he saw Spann taking pictures of him. He assumed they will end up on the internet. This was going to be a disadvantage for him because he was taking two women home, and if rumours of him and Rihanna getting back together are true, we doubt that she would have like it. Mmmmm scandal 

The Miami police are in the process of investigating the allegations, and no arrests or warrants have been made as yet. However if Brown is arrested, he could be jailed for months as he is on a five year probation for assaulting his girlfriend at tthe time Rihanna in 2009. Chris Brown has not commented on the issue.

Could this be a night of fun that ended badly and possibly send Chris Brown to jail, or will it just blow away? Will Rihanna give him another chance after this?

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